Material audit

Material audit helps you to save 3-5% of your company’s turn over.
Omuus is authorized material auditor. Material audit investigates the amount of waste generated by your business operations and measures for reducing waste. To show corporate responsibility and enhance competitiveness material efficiency is the concrete action. 50% Funding from Business Finland, average payback time 1,5months.


We have over 20 years of experience from product development and working with material suppliers. Working with Omuus gives you access to over 450 verified global suppliers. Our sourcing is design led ensuring high quality manufacturing. We provide the knowledge of technical, material and quality requirements. We have ability to support onsite quality control and design translation with fluent communication by our local Omuus China team.

Material library

Over the years we have built the physical material technology archive to explore, touch and feel. Today our library has more than 12 000 samples, and our team constantly adds new inspiring materials from our global network. To support the product development in a rapid phase, we constantly keep up on the trends, the supplier network and global fairs and exhibitions that lead to the curated materials library suitable for consumer electronics. The CMF Material library is for various industries and needs, for start-ups and mass production scalable solutions.

Our newest addition – the phygital material samples answer to the timely need of showcasing materials in a digital form. We are capable to create digital samples answering your specific request as well as reflecting the most recent trends and innovations.

Material tech
& CMF design

CMF is the core of our design. CMF design is abbreviation for Color, Material Technology & Finish Design. CMF covers all the aspects of colors and new materials. It unites the consumer, material and technology trends with understanding of the business and brand. CMF design is used for competitiveness, and to build the brand emotional appeal and recognizability in the market.

Material audit

investigates the amount of losses generated by your business operations,  the costs of the losses, and the measures for reducing the losses. The audit decreases the environmental impact of your company’s actions by reducing raw materials use and waste.


Goods & suppliers from China
Your product development and goods sourcing can benefit greatly of working with Omuus:

  • Over 20 years experience of product development
  • Over 450 supplier contacts globally
  • Verified and existing supplier network
  • Knowledge of product technical, material and quality requirements
  • Local Omuus China team, for smooth communication
  • Design lead sourcing for high quality manufacturing
  • Ability to support onsite quality control and design translation

Material tech

Sourcing and productisation of biobased material by analyzing the technical requirements and sourcing the most potential supplier network for the task.

Material tech

Masstige – mass market prestige for Suunto.
Aim was to create a new collection credible and aspirational for both athletes and lifestyle users, for the athleisure trend.
Driven by research – translating consumer desires and needs into tangible design tools to support brand image and ultimately the sales.


All industries

Contact for material tech projects

Due to the great saving potential, the value of material efficiency is increasing and the development of sustainability and energy efficiency is improving in all industries. We provide the technical perspective from the field of materials. Our work is to create production-oriented solutions for the designs, and to research and specify materials and manufacturing technologies. The responsibility toward the business and supplier requires thinking strategically about the material technology continuum.

Anne Taitto

Director materials, M.Sc.