Marketing design

Sense evoking marketing design promotes the connection between products and people, eventually leading to strong brand identity and recognisability – and sales. We help tell a story how design and marketing can work together to push the boundary of product making. Marketing design is about uniting the stories behind product design and market specific consumer trends into compelling stories. We help brands to stand out from the crowded market and increase brand recognition.

Web design

The core of our web design is to provide the key consumer groups for your business and how to attract them. Smooth navigation and a clear customer journey are crucial for your client to make a purchase decision. With color psychology we ensure that your company communicates visually in a way that answers both industry and consumer needs.

Service & business design

We analyse and study your key consumers’ needs and behaviour, to create an easy journey for them to make the purchase decision. This consist of a small consumer study, interviews, mapping out the customer journeys and strategizing your sales path.

Business design offers tools for companies to grow and develop their business. It is about challenging the existing business strategy and taking it to the next level with consumers in focus. Our work focuses on looking for new market opportunities and implementing them into concrete business actions.


68% of consumers want to learn about new services or products through videos, and 52% make purchase decision because of video.
– Hubspot

Animation provides immersive and informative storytelling for companies for the brand to come alive and to be more engaging. Animation is about pushing the boundaries of imagination with mixed reality technologies to generate meaningful experiences for brands and their consumers.


The design drivers for BEKO Sardis were best usability with aspirational look and feel. Design and the user interface and interactions are designed to be simple and clutter-free to make payments and other functions with premiumness and efficiency – eventually creating a memorable BEKO brand experience.


From a design perspective, Smiley Terminal and Smiley Touch are minimalistic products, with approachable and intuitive design to fit to different brand spaces. The product design encourages to give feedback.


Driven by user experience, to analyze the needs of different user groups into simple customer journeys. Design and UX are designed to make purchase decision easier and help the consumer find just the right products for their needs. The orange color was chosen to create a strong memorable and approachable brand with a strong connection to the transportation industry.

All industries

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We’re at the dawn of a new type of experiences where the line between the online and offline is blurry. Storytelling is a big part of design and marketing; it allows designers to create unique experiences. The ‘phygital’ concept is set to transform brick-and-mortar stores into blank canvases, branded digitally with artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Brands need to support these fluid lifestyles and create emotional connection to the values they promote – experiences over things.

Mia Aalto-Setälä

Marketing design specialist