International CMF conference

October 23, 2019 OMUUS Creative Director Grace Boicel was invited as a speaker at the International CMF Design Conference in October 22nd 2019 in Shenzhen China. The event is an annual international professional forum for CMF industry to gather global CMF leaders,...

Design for Climate

Climate change is not news for any of us. How to make concrete actions and give tools for business development for sustainable solutions is what we believe is lacking. For 20 years we have been advocates of sustainable design. Our way of taking a stand on climate change is to educate and give tools for individuals and companies to make sustainable business relevant choices.

Helsinki Design Week 5/15.9.2019 

September 09, 2019 The design week is here, and Omuus has been around to see what the future designers are up to these days! As it has been earlier discussed (find our previous posts Today’s problems – Tomorrow’s possibilities & Bio design) the knowledge and...

Colour entering Tech Design

This time Per Boicel from Omuus, contacted Zina Kranck, Design Director for the Graphic Design Team at LEGO, for an interview. They talked about Zina’s journey to LEGO, what inspires her and has she changed as designer while working for LEGO.Also covering the aspect of how it differs to design products for kids from adults. Enjoy!

Biophilia in Workplaces

What’s new this year in Clerkenwell design week 21-23 May 2019 in London? Per Boicel visited the venue and gives us a brief of the latest trends in office design.

Last year at Clerkenwell there were a lot of hubs where people could enclose themselves for a private conversation or simply concentrate in the midst of an open busy office landscape. However, this year there were approximately 60-70% less hubs on the show than previously. Colours continue to play an important role, and the love for plants is clearly growing.

The CEO interview

I am one of the founding members of Omuus, all the way since the beginning of 2011. At the beginning my work was more related to finances and business strategy. Through the years it has evolved into my current role as CEO of the company. Today my typical day involves client relationships, taking care of our personnel as in the HR role and future strategy planning with our team in Finland, China and UK. I also frequently cook for the team here in Helsinki. As a family company this is very important for us as families eat together.

Colors of Egyptian Era

At the beginning of April Omuus participated in Colour Alchimia workshop in Barcelona, held by Laura Daza, a designer and color alchemist. The workshop introduced the methodologies of color creation during the Egyptian era. We were making different pigments of non-organic origins such as ochre, carbon, and saffron. The principles for creating pigments with these methodologies is to find the source of color, a binding material and start experimenting.

Today’s problems – Tomorrow’s possibilities

In January and February 2019, we attended two shows in London – Surface Design and Architect@Work. What links them together is that they present future, contemporary, advanced and innovative materials for all areas of design. The strong influence of Biophilia and Bio-Design is visible when creating new design, materials and production techniques.

Scouter Launch

Technology design agency Omuus and Rideascout published their collaboration on designing Scouter – a light electricvehicle. Omuus has been creating Scouter design from brand appearance to product concepting.

Aspiration for the project was a new approach for designing a vehicle – to create a new iconic design language. Scouter is a electric vehicle, that’s structure has been used minimal amount of material for making it light weight and creatingvisual airiness.

Insights from Trendwatching

First time in Shanghai last November TrendWatching was there as a part of trend tour to provide insights, how to win the hearts and minds of Chinese consumers. Presented by Acacia and Leroy, Asia head of trends and insights, and Nathania Christy, head of global insight network. Trendwatching is a half day deep dive into the best-in-class innovations from all over Asia, that are setting consumer expectations in the region.

Challenging the status quo

As a colour and material designer, my job is to keep on top of global as well as local design and consumer trends. Based on upcoming trends I create compelling product expression directions for clients, to attract and excite their target consumers. This includes keeping track of new material innovations and supplier capabilities. At the end of the day, feasibility is the key to have the product in market.

CES 2019 Honoree: Design of Token Inc. Mobile Payment Terminal

Our objective was to concept the next generation mobile payment terminal to fit perfectly to the Arcelik TOKEN Financial Technologies portfolio. The design drivers set for BEKO Sardis were best-in-class usability and masstige look and feel.