Data driven design is fundamental for Omuus. Our philosophy is to design today for the brand to be relevant for consumers in coming decades. It is crucial for our work to regognize weak signals of trends at early stage to help companies be forerunners on a rapidly changing market.

CMF design

CMF Design creates competitive advantage and boosts brand recognizability on the crowded market. It is about connecting peoples’ experience and expectations seamlessly. CMF design is an essential part of design team and product creation. CMF design teams are collaborating with industrial and UI design, business, sourcing, quality, marketing, material suppliers and manufacturers. The responsibility toward the business and supplier requires thinking strategically about the material technology continuum. Transforming the thinking on portfolio level will improve the quality, project timelines and impact the overall cost of the materials.


For commercially succesful products it’s crucial for CMF designers to understand the business side of designing a product. Which requires strategic and marketing planning and their application into product and market opportunities. To create a CMF design strategy, it requires knowledge of consumer insights and a skill to look five years to the future to gain a competitive edge in the rapidly changing market.

Material tech

We provide the technical perspective from the field of materials. Our work is to create production-oriented solutions for the designs, and to research and specify materials and manufacturing technologies. Important part of our work is to create new contacts in the field and maintain global supplier network and material sample collection with raw material suppliers. The responsibility toward the business and supplier requires thinking strategically about the material technology continuum.


Over the years we have built the physical material technology archive to explore, touch and feel. Today our library has more than 12 000 samples, and our team constantly adds new inspiring materials from our global network. To support the product development in a rapid phase, we constantly keep up on the trends, the supplier network and global fairs and exhibitions that lead to the curated materials library suitable for consumer electronics. The CMF Material library is for various industries and needs, for start-ups and mass production scalable solutions.

Our newest addition – the phygital material samples answer to the timely need of showcasing materials in a digital form. We are capable to create digital samples answering your specific request as well as reflecting the most recent trends and innovations.

Lectures & Workshops

Our CMF specialists has provided numerous international lectures for wide audiences. The development of CMF for the industry, enterprises, products and designer has extraordinary significance, its popularity has also given birth to the whole industry chain of disruptive innovation. In the future, CMF design will become one of the necessary skills of industrial designers, it is predicted that CMF will affect the industrial scale that will reach trillions of dollars.

Consumer Electronics

Luxury has shifted from status materials and known brands to experience driven design. Design needs to be customizable, to fit in with the consumer’s lifestyle.
Target was to create a truly unique carrying case that was supporting the lifestyle of Ora’s customers.

Consumer Electronics

Omuus was responsible of the smart phone CMF design to accentuate the dual display features. CMF design collaboration with global suppliers, to achieve the chemical etched EPD display and ceramic details.


Corensis® Medical Kiosk design awards:
Medical Award
A’ Design Award & Competition
Bronze A’ Design Award Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design Category
Doktorclub Awards 2020
R&D / Innovation Practice of the Year
MedTech Breakthrough Awards
Best IoT Healthcare Platform 2020

Vehicle design

Prototype design to illustrate FORCIOT® Stretch-pad innovation technology opportunities for car interiors at the world’s largest motor show, the 2019 International Motor Show in Frankfurt.


The design drivers for BEKO Sardis were best usability with aspirational look and feel. Design and the user interface and interactions are designed to be simple and clutter-free to make payments and other functions with premiumness and efficiency – eventually creating a memorable BEKO brand experience.

Smart home

For the refresh color palette work, Omuus analysed the existing color matching process, and identified the need to optimize the masterbatch process for speed and accuracy.

The goal for the task was to create a masterbatch matching service providing fast time to market, high aesthetic and technical quality color matching with cost sensitivity to the manufacturing. “They’ve been so successfull.” Orthex Hanna Kukkonen, Suomen Kuvalehti

Smart home

Driven by IOT design to analyze the data into concepting. We studied various adjacent industries to create holistic proposal, with multidisciplinary team to create the best acoustic design in the forefront of the design development.

Material tech

We want to achieve a revolution of color reports – to go beyond the traditional mediums. Compared to traditional color reports with 2-dimensional color data, the 7SEC. CMF Futures is serving the technology industry with actionable CMF tools linked to actual material technologies.

All industries

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As consumers are becoming more aware of their consumption habits CMF design becomes a crucial aspect of design. CMF design strategy requires knowledge of consumer insights and a skill to look five years to the future to gain a competitive edge in the rapidly changing market. Attention to material design is ever more important from consumer value and production point of views.

Annina Verkkomäki

Chief creative director, Owner