Material audit helps you to save 3-5% of your company’s turn over. (Business Finland)  

Material Audit investigates the amount of losses generated by your business operations,  the costs of the losses, and the measures for reducing the losses. The audit decreases the environmental impact of your company’s actions by reducing raw materials use and waste.  

Material efficiency is a concrete action in order to show:   

  • The corporate responsibility
  • Enhance competitiveness 
  • Reduce the carbon footprint.




A Material Audit is concrete action for corporate social responsibility with results that can be utilized to plan and maintain an environmental management system. 

The audit uncovers the bottlenecks in the material efficiency, increases the organization’s understanding of its material flows and waste, and identifies measures to improve material efficiency. 

OMUUS is authorized auditor for Business Finland funded Material Audits carried out according to the model by Motiva. After the material audit, the co-operation can be continued in projects related to product design and material optimization. 




50% Funding from Business Finland, average payback time 1,5months.  

Business Finland funds 50% of Material Audit costs up till 15 000€. In addition to the auditor’s fees and expenses, Material Audit funding may cover a calculated sum of up to 20% of other costs.  

Business Finland may grant up to 15,000 euros of funding for each audit.  

The funding covers the auditor’s fees and other expenses (such as travel expenses) incurred in the audit by an expert auditor who has attended Motiva’s material audit training. 

In addition to the auditor’s fees and expenses, Material Audit funding may cover a calculated sum of up to 20 per cent of other costs. Other costs consist of labor and travel expenses and material and supplies costs incurred by the audited company for the purpose of carrying out the audit. These costs do not need to be specified.

Material Audit funding is offered to SMEs, mid cap companies and large corporations. 


Contact Omuus official Material Auditor for more info, or call Annina Verkkomäki 0407680127.