“ Working with Omuus team was a very positive, inspiring and enriching experience. With the help of the Omuus team we got the keys to create a coherent visual look to support the brand creation and growth to global markets.“ – Susanna Kääriäinen, CEO Kultavilla.

OMUUS is one of the service providers for Business Finland innovation voucher. We love to be part of bringing new innovations to market and will help you every step of the way to achieve your company goals.

The innovation voucher is a grant for a new product or service development for Finnish Companies.It is intended for SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) who have a new product or service idea with international potential, and for which the company needs external expertise. It is worth 5000€ +VAT, incl. 1000€ +VAT self-financing contribution.

Here is an example of a project we did a few years back for Kultavilla.



The pure Nordic nature captured into cuddlesome textiles that enhance our wellbeing. That is what a finnish weaving company Kultavilla offers. Located in Helsinki capital area, Kultavilla offers green and healthy textile options for consumers. Driven by the love of natural wool and the passion for designing functional woven textiles resulted to completely new combinations of natural materials, Kultavilla woollens. Their textiles exhibit the nature’s organic structures and soft colours, functional for cold winter or for milder seasons.

Omuus was supporting Kultavilla’s expansion from a manufacturer to a brand with an independent product line. The assignment covered a creation of cohesive brand look, brand creation support and a growth plan for the international market. Kultavilla received essential tangible tools such as brand elements, design guidelines and informational tools to communicate according to its values. This resulted as confidence to grow the company according to its values – credibility from authenticity.


Testimonial from Susanna Kääriäinen, CEO of Kultavilla:

The Innovation voucher – Kultavilla

Working with Omuus team was a very positive, inspiring and enriching experience. When we started the co-operation Kultavilla had operated as a service provider for weaving services. We wanted to start creating our own productline alongside being a service provider. The main goal for the process was to create visual brand identity to support the marketing of new products and services. Omuus design drivers workshop started the project by clarifying our own value base and the foundation we would start to build on Kultavilla brand, which was realy helpful for us.

With the Design Drivers workshop Omuus managed to ’doug out’ the source of inspiration for Kultavilla, that had been the heart of the brand for many years: mystic Finnish forest. Omuus managed to woke up thoughts, feelings, product ideas and gentle feelings from the early days before we founded Kultavilla. Thoughts that had been left aside in entrepreneuer life, that had a significant impact when we founded the company and should be communicated through Kultavilla’s new visual look.

Omuus took under consideration global trends, consumer groups and defined a consumer group for global markets and used them to create the guidelines for our website and new product categories for the future. What we got was informative tools, ho to communicate according to our values in social media. With the help of the Omuus team we got the keys to create a coherent visual look to support the brand creation and growth to global markets.

During the co-operation Kultavilla got also concrete visual elements, such as coherent logo, business card, fonts and instructions to create a new website, but also confidence to grow the company according to its values where credibility comes from authenticity.  The Omuus team was very dedicated and reliable in their work. As a customer, I felt being the most important customer at that moment. I definitely recommend working with Omuus. “


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Here is a service package we offer, that will be tailored for your specific needs:

7SEC.(TM)Startup is a complete service package to get started.

The package will give you a position where you can start implementing your plan.

  • An assessment of the potential of innovation voucher.
    Support to fill the innovation voucher application and end report.
    The decision of granting the innovation voucher is made exclusively by Business Finland.
  • The package can be tailored to your needs.It is a deep dive into a specific area of design;
    or a lighter and more comprehensive study of multiple design areas.
  • A joint design brief and targets to best achieve your goals, and reviews to follow the progress.
  • The cost of 5000€ +VAT can be covered by an innovation voucher, or purchased separately.