Our team has delivered hundreds of succesful projects to the market.

Data driven design is fundamental for Omuus. Our philosophy is to design today for the brand to be relevant for consumers in coming decades. Generation Z is going to be 40% or all consumers in 2020 – what do they expect?

Annina Verkkomäki

Chief Creative Director, Owner


Tomi Verkkomäki

CEO, Owner


Nora Brelo



Pekka Majanen

Principal Designer, ID


Per Boicel

Specialist, Horticulturist in Design, Applied Color Psychology

Minna Qiang

Creative Director, China


Anne Taitto

Director Materials, M.Sc.


Grace Boicel

Creative Director, UK


Ruth Ng

Senior Design Specialist, China


Mia Aalto-Setälä

Marketing Design Specialist


Jarkko Saunamäki

Principal Designer, ID


Joni Oranta

Design Specialist, ID


Gabriel Boicel

Visualization Specialist


Santeri Korkalo

Technical Asset Designer


Wei Wang

Senior Design Specialist, CMF


Jenny Cui

CEO, Omuus Beijing


Apaar Tuli

UX, Interaction Designer


Nina Kähkönen

Design Specialist ID & CMF


Vivian Ding

Office Manager, Omuus Beijing


Inki Sivula

Financial administrator

Alla Chepil

Office assistant

We bring great designs to life with our partners.

Omuus collaboration with Treon, Radientum and Intopalo provides proven product engineering built on decades of experience in designing and building iconis Nokia and affordable high volume Lumia devices. Together we are able to provide full set of hardware product making competences.