There is a lot of interest revolving around soft materials entering the tech industry and changing how technology is perceived. Textiles create a sensorial high end feel to the technological products and enhance the sound quality of the speakers for example.
Ora Ito Mobility collection is designed around a cohesive, fashionable aesthetic, designed with Kvadrat textiles. Kvadrat textiles help to develop an approachable sensibility, adding a distinct personality through texture and color. The material is featured on two pairs of headphones and a set of earbuds, a small bluetooth speaker and covers for two smartphones and an iPad as well.
Vifa speakers are beautifully crafted, covered with a semi-rough textile made by Danish textile maker, Kvadrat. The finish, texture and color combinations are lovely together with a leather carry handle. As far as controls go, the Helsinki keeps it very simplistic with only two volume up and down controls located at the front side of the speaker where they are seamlessly sewn into the fabric.
Ora – Ito / Kwadrat / Vifa