Did you know that your pillow could be as dirty as your kitchen sink?
We use of our pillows one third of the day, nearly 3000 hours a year and because of this the pillows can expose to harmful bacteria, germs, mold and allergens,
which can cause a number of severe health problems. Washing the bed sheets does not kill all the harmful allergens and
bacteria, since the allergens also live inside the pillow itself.

A group of Irish scientists have developed a pillow that has been proven
to be completely allergen free. The Sleep Angel pillow has a polyurethane surface and welded seams on all
sides, so it does not let any harmful allergens inside. But the real trick is the pillow’s patented filter. When you lay your
head on the pillow, the excess air inside comes through a special filter and when you take your head off of the pillow, clean and filtered air goes back in
but lets no germs, bacteria, mold or allergens inside. This filtered airflow
makes the pillow soft and fluffy like the regular ones, but also non-allergenic
and healthy to use.

The product has been in use in The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen
University Hospital, where the amount of MRSA bacteria infections decreased incredible
84% after the regular pillows were switched to the Sleep Angel pillows. Besides the high-risk environments for contagions, the pillow has also
been a great help for regular consumers suffering from allergies and asthma.

Allergies are an increasing problem, which are today affecting about 1in 5 people, making them one of the most common health conditions in developed
countries. The number of asthmatics alone has been estimated to grow up to 400000 million in ten years. One of the main triggers for allergic reactions is in fact – your bed.
Your bed can contain millions of dust mites, which are a major cause for allergies.

Besides the pillow, Sleep Angel also sells mattresses with the same filter
technology and the range of products covers all age groups from babies to
seniors. And to make your bed as free from allergens as possible, it is
recommended to wash your bed sheets weekly in hot water and to avoid dust-collecting
objects in your bedroom.

Tiesitkö, että tyynysi voi olla yhtä likainen kuin keittiön allas? Tyyny voi altistaa terveydelle
haitallisille bakteereille, homeelle ja allergeeneille, jotka voivat aiheuttaa vakavia terveysongelmia. Täysin allergiavapaa Sleep Angel tyyny on valmistettu polyuretaanista ja tyynyn saumat on kuumasaumattu yhteen, estäen
haitallisten allergeenien pääsyn tyynyn sisälle.

Ilma vaihtuu tyynyssä
patentoidun suodatustekniikan avulla. Kun laitat pääsi tyynyyn, sisällä oleva
ilma poistuu suodattimen läpi ja kun nostat pääsi tyynyltä, suodatettu ilma
menee takaisin tyynyn sisälle. Ilmavirran ansioista tyyny on siis yhtä pehmeä kuin
tavallisetkin tyynyt, mutta täysin vapaa allergeeneista, bakteereista ja
homeitiöistä. Tyynyjen lisäksi Sleep
Angel valmistaa myös samaa teknologiaa käyttäviä patjoja, ja heidän tuotteensa
kattavat jokaisen ikäryhmän vastasyntyneestä vanhuksiin.

Distribution in Europe and in Finland