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All eyes on Treon and Omuus!

Product development company Treon and design agency Omuus have a special relationship that makes a world of difference to their customers in the most demanding areas of product development for intelligent and connected devices.

The teams at the two companies started collaborating when working for Nokia and Microsoft, and been part of creating dozens of mobile phones, sold in hundreds of millions. Now they’ve joined forces as partners to create more success stories. One of them could be yours!

What makes the collaborative partnership between Treon and Omuus special?

A product’s design process is always exponentially more demanding when electronics and wireless connectivity are included. And nowhere in the world has there ever been a higher set of demands for both design and performance than in the mobile industry.

Mutual trust and understanding eliminate hassle

The years of experience in working together guarantee an efficient flow of communication between Treon and Omuus: to the benefit of the customer and the final product.

‘Building a solid foundation for the design process cannot be emphasized enough. It’s vital to find the critical drivers early in the process. They dictate how the design process goes forward and make sure that no time and effort is wasted,’ says Pasi Hyttinen, the Mechanics Design Lead at Treon.

The two companies’ background in the mobile industry means that both Treon and Omuus are used to pushing boundaries and finding solutions to problems that can at first glance seem impossible.

‘One of the many strengths of Treon’s and Omuus’ partnership is that we know we can trust each other’s expertise. We know for sure that Omuus has the best insight in market trends and the best and most innovative design professionals on hand and Omuus knows that we in turn have the skills and ambition to develop the technical aspects of the product per the very highest standards,’ adds Hyttinen.

Trust makes it possible to achieve things that are otherwise out of reach. The goal is to create the best product possible and exceed client expectations by the value the two companies bring to a brand.

‘Our ambitious and innovative developers and designers will want to push the product forward and make it as beautiful, functional and enticing as possible. Omuus’ and Treon’s long experience ensures that the product development has risk management in the right places,’ says Hyttinen.

Great design gives a competitive edge

Just like Treon is a world-class expert in product development, Omuus, based in Finland with offices in Shanghai and London, is an expert in all things related to design, in both B2C and B2B markets.

The company has unique knowledge and experience in CMF design (Color, Material Technology and Finish) and has in recent years crossed over to industrial design by hiring some of the best professionals in the field. People like Heikki.

‘A good design product is approachable and easy to use. All its aspects please the eye, are of good quality and in balance. Of course the essence is finding the sweet spot between cost, material, design and functionality. Both Omuus and Treon emphasize efficiency and keep the feasibility of the production in mind at all design stages,’ says Design Manager and Industrial Design specialist Heikki Kangasmaa from Omuus.

Good design is always based on comprehensive research and understanding the needs of both customer and end customer.

‘Together with Treon we are able to cover the whole product development process from market studies to production. Omuus has the latest knowledge and insight of current and future market trends and the best knowhow in CMF and ID and Treon in mechanics, electronics and connectivity,’ concludes Heikki.

The end result? An exceptional, beautiful, functional and enticing product ready to hit the market.

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Treon is a product development company specialized in designing intelligent, wirelessly connected hardware products and solutions. Our services range from delivering tailored turn-key solutions to improving existing products. Treon is built on decades of experience in bringing connected and highly integrated consumer electronics to life. You dream it, we build it. Treon is based in Tampere, Finland. For more information visit

Omuus is a technology design agency based in Helsinki, London and Shanghai. We cover the full span of design from research to production. Our services include industrial design, CMF design, material technology engineering, UI/UX design, trend research, CMF material samples and model building. We have more than ten years of experience in designing award-winning consumer electronics. We help our clients to be forerunners in rapidly changing markets, such as wearables and smart phones, and the medical and smart home industries. We not only make beautiful products for people to fall in love with, but often transform the culture and business of our clients. Our latest case studies at www.omuus.com.