We want to begin this year with transforming existing into something living. Inspired by our value proposition, this will be the beginning of our new series “we know today what people love tomorrow”, where we give monthly insights of future trends on our social mediums. But first, let’s clarify the existing, our thoughts and values to our customer behind the value proposition.

Because of our work history, we can say we know today what people love tomorrow. Our value proposition is not based on arrogance, it is based on years of experience. Omuus was founded 2011, but our history of working together goes long way. Our team heritage comes from Nokia and Microsoft in various roles with design and product creation. The experience of working for a global company with the latest technology developments, creating many of the industry first technologies, has created our way of working.

Doing research is the key to understand what people love tomorrow. Trend foresight is the compass to understand what the future will likely be. It produces meaningful information and inspiration for business decision making. We present the research and the analysis that answers the question what the Client should do in the short and long term, what kind of products and services to offer in order to be competitive and desirable brand in the long term. In other words, we turn the information into competitive advantage for your business.

Stay tuned for our monthly insights!