This is the first article of We know today what people love tomorrow -series.  #weknowtodaywhatpeoplelovetomorrow


We live in a data driven world, more precisely in age of the Big Data. A tremendous amount of valuable data can be collected and generated on diversely public Social networks.

Many companies are investigating the Big Data opportunity to go beyond creation of mere trend trajectories. To create the excitement to align the brand position to exceed customer expectations. The value of big data doesn’t revolve around the amount of data you have. It is how you analyse the data and transform it into crucial insight for business decision making.

We at Omuus are advocates of data driven design and therefore we are taking a dive into the deep waters of Big Data. With Big Data we want to evolve our research methods by utilizing it to generate core value for our clients. With this research evolution we aim to generate greater value proposition for our clients. To translate the outputs into informative tools for decision making – what your company should invest to, for competitiveness and to be desirable brand in the future.



To test the Big Data as in-depth research method, we conducted an interesting study through social network analytics, comparing Samsung Galaxy note 8 and iPhone X. The focus of this study was to look into the pattern of user groups, structures, influence, interactions and keyword list. To find out, what interests users with these two devices and how can we derive relevant data points for the product creation. The following information below might give a glimpse of it.

For example, in the diagram above we analysed the entities network characteristics. It was interesting to see that Samsung official account dominates its network. On the other hand, iPhone X users and the company have same amount of influence in the network. All in all, Samsung official account has more views than Apple iPhone account.

Galaxy Note 8                                                                       iPhone X

The second aspect we analysed, was customer needs based on co-occurrence network analysis. Samsung Galaxy note 8 users appreciate hardware elements such as camera, picture quality and filming. I Phone X users value the functions and capabilities of the new IOS operating system and battery duration.

The most interesting fact from our point of view, was that CMF (colors, materials and finishes design) quality is ranked second for both brands. It indicates that CMF Design factors are still considered top-value on smart phone.

Final word of the study is, it revealed many elements, that require further depth analysis. Such as the importance of CMF quality to the end users, what are the concrete material aspirations for purchase criteria. We continue investigating and developing the big data opportunity as part of our research methods to exceed customer expectations and align with their core values.

Big Data article was co-created with a respected researcher and data scientist Seong-ho Kim. We thank for his professional work and look forward to work together to decode the future.