There are many fantastic trend agencies globally that provide color reports. So, you might ask, why do we create a new service?

We want to achieve a revolution of color reports – to go beyond the traditional mediums. Compared to traditional color reports with 2-dimensional color data, the 7SEC. CMF Futures is serving the technology industry with actionable CMF tools linked to actual material technologies.

We started the work with a mindset to learn from you, the users. We tested the accuracy of our own strategy with global surveys to industry experts. We asked amongst other topics, what was generally working for them and where they felt was space for improvement with the current services they were commissioning to. One of the hypotheses in our strategy was that traditional format of a physical book was constraining to the space and time. E-learning is growing in importance and we want to create tools that provide flexibility in where and how you learn. Digital learning is the quickest growing market in the education industry, with a whopping 900% growth since 2000 by KPMG (

An ongoing strategic direction for us is to continuously improve the interactivity level and improve on the inspiration of the future reports. Our volume I, Utopia e-book, is answering also to the trend of CMF industry going towards phygital– holistic physical and digital product and service design – and how we as CMF designers need to master both aspects.

If you want to be invited to be part of the co-creation journey, send us a note and you will receive the future surveys too.

In the survey we asked what the industry experts consider as a priority of all the trends. 87.5% answered: sustainability with futuristic twist. The report is based on our extensive 7SEC. Material library with over 12 000 material samples from our network of material suppliers. The global pandemic has accelerated some of the mega trends, with lasting impact in consumer behavior and we are exploring the implications to the brands and to the CMF design in the report.

When we started the research for the volume I, we had to acknowledge the sheer fact that we only see the beginning of the changes driven by the aftermath of global pandemic to the material technologies and to the CMF design. This crisis demands strategic thinking, creativity and co-creation to come up with innovative solutions that support the global consumers.

These CMF directions reflect general insight, current material technologies and best practises based on the information available now, and cannot contain all the information needed to determine the future for specific brand strategies. Yet we are sure these directions cannot simply be ignored.

As a method for the 7SEC. CMF Futures© we research wide amount of data, analyzing into technology industry specific CMF trends and translating this with global material supplier’s solutions. Our trend reports will aim to deliver interactive CMF samples for multisensorial experience and easy implementation to your product portfolio. The CMF directions are created with material technology specific colors through the science of Applied Color Psychology to match technology industry.


Utopia e-book: sustainability with future twist

In a world of climate change, technology break throughs, demographic changes and shifts on many fronts, the concept of utopias has become a life line of hope for us today because it gives us something to strive towards. It motivates us to rethink the structures and methods of the last century and find entirely new, better solutions.

We can see today the return of Utopianism through the concept of sustainability that becomes the utopian horizon itself. The global drivers for theme Utopia are the growing consumer attitudes towards sustainability and safety due to the pandemic. Along with the consumer behavior, corporate attitudes and regulations around the world are driving sustainable strategies. The CMF trend report is created celebrating this mindset, with actionable tools for sustainable materials for technology industry. You can access the report here.


Content of the e-book:

– Mega, macro and micro level trends

– Supportive data

– Industry benchmarking

– Mood boards

– Inspirational videos

– Digital 3D CMF

– Material directions

– CMF color directions fit to technology industry

– Language variants: English & Chinese

If you need Chinese language variant, please contact our China team at WeChat omuus_China


Utopia CMF Collection.

The CMF report is supported by limited edition CMF Collection, to be released August 2020. Since this is a novelty service for which we are collaborating with the suppliers means that the physical CMF Collection is under development. You can preorder the collection here.

The 1stvolume of Utopia focus on the sustainable bio-materials, composites and transparent materials, sourced globally from our 7SEC. Material Library supplier base.


Content of the CMF Collection:

– Curated collection of physical CMF samples: unique custom-made reference CMF samples and supplier material samples

– CMF coding with material supplier information

– Material technology information

– Language variants: English & Chinese

If you need Chinese language variant, please contact our China team at WeChat omuus_China


A final thank you: with gratitude to the industry experts for answering the surveys and helping to form the volume 1 directions. Thank you Business Finland for supporting our digital mission, and enabling long dream to come true. Cheers to Omuus global team for yet again talented team work. We are in awe of all the brands and suppliers that has been highlighted in this report of the strategic work towards sustainable future. Let’s work together for better tomorrow.



Stay safe!

Annina Verkkomäki

Chief Creative Director