a performance brand

Creating a strong brand through CMF design strategy

Suunto is a premium sport instrument brand with a history of creating exceptional tools for performance sports. We partnered with Suunto to create a tool to manage the portfolio level use of colors, materials and finishes through CMF design strategy, and also to create pathways to attract new consumers and vehicles for innovation within the future product development.

Suunto sport watch portfolio was analyzed next to the direct and adjacent completion to understand the competition factors. Analysis showed that CMF strategy was to build brand recognition, enable market and target group specific sales and create a portfolio level CMF design for a strong brand image and to increase the perceived value of the materials through material technology engineering discipline. Omuus conducted field studies in New York, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Dubai to further deepen the understanding and translation of strategy into CMF palette and to give informative and inspirational material for management decision making.

Omuus created a CMF strategy for Suunto: material driven colors, colors that portray a strong brand that is not shying away but is bold, and brand that always prides in their attention to details. These qualities were underlining the Suunto brand character, only taking a new shape in the form of CMF discipline.

The outcome has been well received, with increased sales, preproduction R&D palette that enables smooth product development with minimizing the risks with faster time to market. We especially were happy for the customer feedback from women saying ‘I want this color.’
In the start of the project the perception of Suunto employees of the brand was premium instruments brand, catering to very precise group of core athletes. In 2016 perception of Suunto has changed into ‘trendsetters in 2016’ according to Koru Wearable Trends.

‘Working with Omuus, one will receive highest standard professional delivery ranging from trend insight, design strategy and excellent visualizations all the way to operative execution. I’ve commissioned several projects to (Omuus) company with excellent results and the collaboration continues.’ Antti Kujala Head of Design at Suunto