Omuus was invited to speak at the Finpro ‘Your Future in Wearables‘ event with the topic ‘Consumer at the center – consumer and adjacent industries influence to medical wearables‘. Reason for the topic was that healthcare is way behind other industries when it comes to being consumer oriented. The medical wearables have even more need to be stylish – otherwise consumers simply would not wear it. The wearable technology industry will revolutionize healthcare and is estimated to be worth $42 billion within five years. Finland has the required expertise to create technically viable solutions but that is no longer enough to gain the momentum in the competitive markets. This is where the consumer centered design becomes a key element for success.

To achieve great design, you need great business thinking / doing – to effectively invest in design – and you need great engineering – to achieve unflagging performance.’

John Maeda #DesignInTech

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