Presenting one by one the Ticwatch 2 Scandinavian Artist concepts. First of our concepts is the flexible wood by Pinja Rouger who is a award winning designer and inspirational blogger. Her inspiration for the concept came from Finnish nature, wooden architecture and furniture design. Wood as ancient old material was manipulated with laser cutting technology. With this method the wood strap around the wrist is both flexible and still maintains the characteristic qualities of wood as a material.

To play around the idea of combining the artificial intelligence together with the crafted elevates the emotional value of the product. This combination we believe will continue to grow as a trend in technology. Certainly this concept will stay only in conceptual level as wood still continues to pose a slight challenge to be manufactured in mass volumes for consumer electronics but we love to push the boundaries of what does it mean to wear a watch.

For the concept we had the pleasure working with Laser Cut Studio in Helsinki providing sustainable thinking with Finnish origin wood.