June 24, 2016

TICWATCH 2: 3D printing

Second Ticwatch 2 Scandinavian Artist concept is the innovative 3D printed straps by Gabriel Boicel who is a young upcoming designer currently studying his first year at Chelsea College of Arts.

His inspiration for the concept came from two areas of the industrialization aging metal work, mechanical engineering and the modern smart and futuristic using organic structural forms. He used 3D printing to be able to more freely explore new forms and advanced organic shapes. In the process he explored printing with nylon and metal with different finishing treatments and colors.

This concept was not restricted by mass production and it would need to be explored further for production purposes and for daily use in terms of material choice and getting the right strength while retaining the strap flexibility. Gabriel shared his opinion of the technology ‘3D printing is a fantastic tool to generate new and exciting concepts challenging conventional manufacturing and design thinking’.

For the concept we had the pleasure working with 3DPRINTUK in London.