We’re good at helping brands succeed

We know how to design aspirational products that stand out

We help our clients to be forerunners on a rapidly changing market. We not only make beautiful products for people to fall in love with, but often transform the culture and business of our clients.  Would you like to know what people love tomorrow?

Trend foresight is the compass to understand what the future will likely be, and produces meaningful information and inspiration for business decision making. We paint the picture of consumer and design trends, competitor benchmarking and translate the information into crucial insights for your business.


Across industries the role of design has changed and leading brands have design-thinking as part of successful strategy creation. We at Omuus do, help you align your design strategy with your business objectives. Effective portfolio management enables strong brand recognition, efficient product development, risk mitigation, faster time to market and stronger return of investement.

Sprint concepting for a new product concept or facelift. High quality visual material and partners for prototyping. Preproduction material technologies for fast execution.

Instead of technology driving the form, the needs of the customer drive both the form and the function. Our experienced multidisciplinary team supports you with effiecient product development.

Brands are seeking competitiveness through the CMF design. Our services range from   CMF design concepting, visualisations and moodboards, product CMF spesification, trend data and CMF samples.


We provide productization support, improvement for materials perceived and technical quality and finding new supply chains. CMF material library creation, material technology information and supplier information.

One of the biggest decision for the product is the logo technology. Consistency of brand strategy cascaded into production and building one identity. Visually inspiring and informative presentations to support internal or external marketing.


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