Designing iconic light electric vehicle

Technology design agency Omuus and Rideascout published their collaboration on designing Scouter – a light electric vehicle. Omuus has been creating Scouter design from brand appearance to product concepting.

Aspiration for the project was a new approach for designing a vehicle – to create a new iconic design language. Scouter is a electric vehicle, that’s structure has been used minimal amount of material for making it light weight and creating visual airiness.

What makes Scouter recognizable is iconic lightweight design, which enables form to be modular. Vehicle structure can grow and convert for various use cases, yet the design stays recognizable. This also enables maximum brandability. Designing Scouter has allowed us to utilize our knowledge of experience driven design, where user experience and high quality materials are in the focus. User centric design was success criteria to make Scouter approachable and easy to use for multiple user groups.

Omuus and Rideascout share a common value of sustainable development. Technical textiles where chosen for their durability and aesthetical appearance. For example durability can be designed into the textile by additives that repel dirt and are water resistant, and textile is easier to repair than plastic. Textile also enables light weight body which contributes to longer travel distances with the light electric vehicle.

Omuus and Rideascout continue their product development partnership regarding the design of Scouter.


Here are some Omuus snapshots from the Scouter launch event at Helsinki Ice Hall 13.3.2019:

Pekka Majanen (OMUUS) interviewed by Mia Aalto-Setälä (OMUUS).

Petri Pitkänen (RIDEASCOUT) and Annina Verkkomäki (OMUUS) interviewed by Iltalehti.

Scouter is a modular platform for branding.

Omuus “youngsters” Mia Aalto-Setälä and Gabriel Boicel test driving Scouter.