OMUUS summer intern had the pleasure to interview the Design Studio Nuovo founder Frank Nuovo. Design Studio
Nuovo is a gorgeous house with a pool and tennis court in the back yard located in the beautiful area of Bel Air
in Los Angeles, California. ‘People are often surprised where my studio is’, says Frank Nuovo, who wanted to blend in a studio
and home.

Opening his own
studio was an idea that came up after leaving Nokia in 2006. After first
working for BMW’s Designworks USA, Nuovo worked as a Creative Director and
Chief of Design at Nokia and later at Vertu. Today Design Studio Nuovo serves diverse clients all around the world.

Nuovo’s first
touch of CMF – colors, materials and finishes design happened during his position at Designworks, which inspired
Nuovo to create colors, materials and graphics research group for Nokia ‘I
convinced when I joined Nokia in 1995 that they needed to allow me to build a
group for it
‘ he says.

He had a
curtail part of the opening of the Color Material and Trends Lab in Art CenterCollege of Design in Pasadena, California, which was founded by Nokia. ‘It was
one of the best things I did at Nokia
.’ His outlook on
design has remained the same after opening his own studio and trend research is
still a part of his design process.

Nuovo’s work has not been left un-noticed. The designer has won several awards and by
creating one of the greatest colors, materials and graphics research groups at
the time we found him as an innovative pioneer for this field of