The aim was to concept the next generation photo and video editing console for Loupedeck, a company known for unique and creative tools for faster and more intuitive editing. The driver for the Loupedeck Creative Tool was to create a professional precision design that has quality feeling and intuitive user experience. The design and User Interface (UI) are simple and clutter-free to deliver the signature premium editing experience.

Defining the success.

We started the project by analyzing the feedback of the first-generation product, and how to build upon the heritage, yet create a unique and exciting experience for creative professionals. Omuus industrial designer at the time had designed the first-generation device, that enabled to continue the work on a portfolio strategy level. The best in class user experience and strive for excellence has always been the key for our product development, and this strategic goal was a focal point for the Loupedeck Creative Tool.

Result – From the various design studies, a compact industrial design was chosen for the professional and timeless look. The main body has a wedge shape, tilted towards the top for the best usability. The high-end sound, look and feel was delivered by material selections. The high-quality aluminum cover was chosen, not only for the premium look and exceptional quality, but also for the inherent sustainability as aluminum is 100% reusable. As industrial design took into the consideration the material and manufacturing technology limitations, the design was easier to be taken into production. The Colors, Material and Finishing (CMF) design was a way to promote the digital CMF in the UI, for the best readability and user experience.