January 25, 2018

Key to wonders

It is time to showcase one of our latest projects. We are very excited about the result of this project and happy to be a part of building a future brand Ora. Ora is determent to push boundaries and to stimulate curiosity with their product – a fascinating combination of fashion, art and technology.  This is the birth of a new label for the future.

December 20th 2017, Ora officially released key to wonders, fashion ‘black card’. According to Ora, their technology will enable an intelligent, efficient and artistic lifestyle. The device combines payment and loyalty cards all in one, together with electronic access control, intelligent voice assistant, as well as personalized rich media cards and other diverse functions. Ora’s exclusive rights give their users worldwide range of services and exclusive privileges offered by institutions, such as high-end hotels, business clubs and boutique themed restaurants.

Luxury brand’s Dolce & Gabbana, Hermès, designer brand Rfactory and technology design agency Omuus were to make specially tailored design Fashion carrying case for the Ora product.



For this project, we were given the opportunity to create something truly unique within the space where art meets fashion and technology, using latest material technology with the best craftsmanship. Omuus CMF specialist Grace Boicel’s fashion and jewellery design background was key for the project success.

Grace’s portfolio is extensive, working for Swedish H&M as Head of design accessory & jewellery and for Nokia and Microsoft, product designs for Nokia L´Amour collection and 8800. More recently she has also worked on other wearable concepts such as Ticwatch and Onitor.



Today people want it all. Luxury has shifted from status materials and known brands to experience driven design. Design needs to be customisable, to fit in with the consumer’s lifestyle.

The target was to create a truly unique carrying case that was supporting the lifestyle of Ora’s customers. The design inspiration came from the biological tropical garden fused with the modern fast living. To create a carrying case that combines the best of two world, modern smart materials with the genuine crafted materials in leather, metal and crystal.

Process of making the product more luxurious, we worked with jewellery details and Swarovski’s beautiful crystal stones in combination with a transparent tinted soft plastic, that would protect the product like a second skin. We collaborated with premium leather suppliers to find the right leather grain and texture.

The result was a carrying case that mixes’ the best qualities of old and new a carrying case that truly celebrate Ora’s beautiful product. The carrying case can easily be customised to reflect personal style and help the user to access the product in any situation.