October 23, 2019

International CMF conference

OMUUS Creative Director Grace Boicel was invited as a speaker at the International CMF Design Conference in October 22nd 2019 in Shenzhen China. The event is an annual international professional forum for CMF industry to gather global CMF leaders, university scholars and well-known enterprises, share the most cutting-edge design trends and research directions, basic theoretical research, organizational structure, new product development, design management, innovative thinking, etc., to promote the development and exchange of CMF industry for the annual design festival.

Michele Tinazzo, SAIC Volkswagen. Grace Boicel, OMUUS. Ma Yu, Guangdong Tianyuan Hubang New Materials Co.Ltd


The 2019 International CMF Design Conference theme was ‘Tracing Back to the Origin’. Grace was invited due to her remarkable achievements and influence in the industry. OMUUS newly appointed China CEO Jenny Cui was present at the event together with Grace.

Grace Boicel & Jenny Cui, OMUUS

According to statistics, BMW, Huawei, Adidas, Apple and other 80% of the first-line terminal enterprises have set up or plan to set up CMF full-time positions and departments: PPG, BASF, KURZ and many other supply chain enterprises are also strengthening their CMF forward-looking service capabilities; the establishment of the CMF laboratory, and even the emergence of the first CMF design graduate program.

CMF design across industries by OMUUS

The development of CMF for the industry, enterprises, products and designer have extraordinary significance, its popularity has also given birth to the whole industry chain of disruptive innovation. In the future, CMF design will become one of the necessary skills of industrial designers, the weight of the end-company development, and even become a supply chain enterprise to win the weapon, it is predicted that CMF will affect the industrial scale will reach trillions of dollars.

International CMF Design Conference had senior experts from China, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden and other top global enterprises such as Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Xiaomi, Lenovo, BYD, Dongfend, Gree, The United States, TCL, Chang’an, GAC, Europa, Nubian, Shuangying Group, Anta, Raul, Sanhuaan, WGSN and other enterprises. In view of the in-depth study of CMF and the current situation of underlying cognitive confusion, return to the essence and origin of CMF, dig deep into the connotation of CMF, explore CMF values and promote the development of CMF industry.

International CMF conference 2019