OMUUS is a CMF design agency (Colors, Materials and Finishes). The volume 1 of our article covered impacts to the China market and how the situation has affected the product and service design.  

In the volume 2 we have a look into how has the epidemic changed the emotional and psychological behavioural aspects of people’s lives, and how the color design can have profound comforting, soothing and relieving impact to consumers that are in the search for new rituals for their everyday lives. We also share about the impacts to the material technologies, what are the winning recipes, what should companies invest to their future material portfolio, and what materials are perfect for product development. 

How does the situation affect to colors in design?

Grace Boicel, Omuus creative Director & Applied Colour Psychology specialist

 Colours have a profound psychological influence on human emotions and behaviour.

Most of us can remember looking at a rainbow appearing on the sky filling us with hope and wonder. We can also remember a day where everything isgrey and the sun seems to be far away.

In these difficult times many are looking for comfort and safety. Not all of us can enjoy looking at the sky and even be outdoors as much as we want anymore.


Did you know that colors can make us more active or calm us down?

Colors help us feel uplifted or calm down anxiety by positively influencing our mental wellbeing. Whether it is in the way of surrounding ourselves, visualising or dress in colors. Colors can be stimulating or smoothing depending on the intensity and saturation of the color. The stronger stimuli the stronger effect on us.

In Omuus we use colour psychology as the foundation of our work. Color is an incredibly powerful phenomenon used to influence us every day of our lives. It can influence our mood, behaviour and feelings; making us move quickly, feel relaxed, take action, eat more and spend more.

Simple changes in colors, can lead to big changes in sales, conversion rates and much more. If you are working with colors within your business it is important to get this right. We are happy to help if you would like to know more.’


How materials are changing and developing due current situation?

Anne Taitto, Omuus Materials Director

Certain type of materials have had increase in the demand due to the virus impact to product expectations from consumer or businesses. For example materials used in medical equipment, protective clothing and gear, as well as materials that are being used for leisure activities and hobbies. In addition to these, the production of plastic sheets for the protective shield has massive increase in demand.

Many companies have transformed their production to answer to the demand, and now produce above mentioned along with their original products. From OMUUS supplier network some of the fabric suppliers and sewing factories have started the protective clothing production and chemical producers have started to produce hand disinfectant under the emergency conditions. It is great to see companies being able to be flexible to meet the demand, and also new collaborations emerging, working together to find solutions.

The demand for easy to clean, anti-bacterial and anti-viral material has risen. Beside health care, the request for these health promoting materials is for high traffic locations to protect passersby and shoppers in public transportation and market places. Due to the virus impact globally, I believe this direction in materials will have long term impact and become an expected hygiene factor across industries.

Another material and supply chain impact with the lock down has been that production has moved from the world back to country of origin. For consumer electronics this will increase the need for suppliers to be able to produce high quality specialty finishes to be able to meet the standards.

We want to thank Grace & Anne for sharing their thoughts about current situation and how it has affected to their world.

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