Milan Design Week is so much more than the Salon del Mobile furniture exhibition. We spent a lot of time walking in the city that is full of interesting pop-up events, showrooms and spots to see inspirational set ups along the fair. In this article we will give some highlights from our generic Milan report. You can order the full report here.

CMF (colors, materials & finishes) was on every one’s lips this year. CMF is the core of our company and it is enchanting to see the growing awareness. We have been talking a lot about mood management and a common trend around the exhibitions, that we saw was the retrieving of objects narrative value and the ability for objects to live in spaces.


We looked the whole week through the CMF and overall design lenses. There was a lot of attention towards CMF, material processes and ideas about the more sustainable future of design and manufacturing. ​

A few exciting themes that we saw during the week:

Milan design week 2018 was all about color, color and more color. Warm and earthy colours such as burned orange, burgundy red, turmeric & mustard yellow and papaya orange made their boisterous presence felt amidst.


Sony created the most multisensorial experience by letting their objects to live in spaces. Creating a connection between human behavior and technology. Technology that informs your everyday life – that tells its own story.

If you would like to know everything you need to know from Milan design week, the generic report is still available for order. Order here.

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