Traditionally London in February brings together the most influential people in fashion from across the globe. London Fashion Week sets the style for this year’s autumn and winter collections. This year we wanted to do something special and show you bits of the event and trends in Omuus eyes. We hope you like it!


Even though what we saw this year was more modest compared to last, it felt like a big improvement. The outfits where well thought out and striking. People where exploring the best of past approaches to fashion, whilst modestly implementing new pieces in to their outfits. The line between male and female aesthetic was almost in harmony, thanks to the exploration of minimalist fashion.


The highlight of every fashion week is to see, what the attendance are wearing. Three themes pop up around the event.


First and most striking theme:

Classy aesthetic as street wear.


Continuum from last year, the classy suit and chinos are back. But this time it’s slick and well fitted, could be mistaken for Scandinavian minimalism. The twist is that modern pieces are mixed into the outfits, like futuristic Nike trainers or the use of more alternative fabrics. Making classy look fresh and relevant again, not only on men but also on women.


The second theme:

Red taking over the whole outfit.

Red was already a huge trend in last year’s LFW and it continues its trend era. But this time it takes the form of whole outfits, taking heavy inspiration from the 70’s use of red. Red is very empowering color, and we could say that it’s here to stay.


The third theme:

Yellow – more than a styling detail.

Bright yellow was a big stand out this year. While yellow might have a reputation of being unflattering, it stood out this year as a warm and confident color. The yellow we saw was much brighter than usual, giving you the sense of actual sunlight. In 2012 the Dutch trend oracle Li Edelkoort – one of the most influential trend researchers in the world – announced ‘Yellow is the new pink!’. She predicted that yellow will play an important role in the next fifteen years to come since yellow is optimistic, radiant and full of warmth – exactly what consumers long for. Here you can find the link to our article about yellow from 2012.


We want to thank our talented team member Gabriel Boicel for being our eyes and ears at London Fashion Week!