We at Omuus have had an exciting winter. Our Shanghai office made a breakthrough on China market, with our two China Specialists Minna Qiang and Ruth Ng, along with Yone Lee! Thanks to these three, today OMUUS is a specialist agency also when it come to market specific design for China and South Korea market.

For some companies it is a challenge to enter the Asian market. Lucky for these companies, we have the knowledge and network to help them succeed. Today we talk with our CMF and China specialist Minna Qiang about entering Asian markets. This an introduction for one of our new productized services 7SEC. MARKET FOCUS©.

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How can I understand the local market and customers better?

Minna: The key to understand any market is research. It is important to tell the difference between a trend and a fad. Trends don’t appear and disappear yearly, they develop, mature and modulate. Your company needs to understand which trends are the ones you could benefit from in your product development.

To help our clients we paint the picture of consumer and design trends, competitor benchmarking and interpreted those information into crucial insights for clients’ business. Based on upcoming trends, we help clients to build their own brand and lead the market.

Maybe the most challenging part of entering Asian market is the language barrier. To get a seamless contact in any Asian market, it would be helpful to have a local onboard. Then your company would have the access to first-hand information from the local markets.


Can you help us to create product design suitable for Asian market?

Minna: Yes, sure. First, we can make sure that the design of your product is designed for the specific market. With the help of market study, local competition analyses and end user research, we make sure that your product has the right fit to the market. Secondly, we can help you to get in touch with local supplier network. We have a wide supplier network from our previous work history working for Nokia and Microsoft, that can speed the time to market with sourcing capable suppliers with scalable production.



Omuus 7SEC. MARKET FOCUS© helps to steer your brand through the key trends and market insights from Finland to Asian market. Our service provides you concrete tools to succeed in Asia market.

The service is suitable for companies suffering from market specific low sales or companies entering the market. For both B2C and B2B products. Tailored design and product quality are the key amongst networks to succeed in different markets. Our key local experts can provide you all of that to increase consumer appeal of your product.

If we got your interest, here you can find the full-service info and offer. We would love to help you to enter Asian market!