Surface Design Show London

February 11-13 2020


This time Per Boicel at Omuus attended Surface design show in London at the Business design centre.

Priestman Good Design studio presented ‘Get Onboard: Reduce. Reuse. Rethink’ to attack the aviation problem of plastic waste at long flights. Colour Hive gave a forecast of colour, material and finish for spring and summer 2021.Furthermore there were as usual some surface materials that stood out in the crowd.



Aviation design is a central area of work for Priestman Good Design studio. ‘Get Onboard: Reduce. Reuse. Rethink’ is attacking the aviation problem of plastic waste at long flights.Their aim is to reduce waste in the meal service.  The economic drive is to reduce weight – a central factor in aviation design. The average passenger use estimated 500g plastic cups, cutleries and other items per person per long flight journey, all end up in waste. They have explored a vast range of food safe materials that have been developed for the catering industry, from cups made from coffee grounds, to algae, bamboo and rice husk.

In average every passenger is using three plastic water bottle on every journey, before boarding, at journey and at arrival. Priestman Good came up with this refillable bottle made of biodegradable and commercially compostable bioplastic and cork. The shape of the bottle has been specifically designed to be more efficient for travel, and fits within the pocket of an aircraft seat back. It could be refilled on stations at the airport or inside the plane.



Colour Hive gave a forecast of colour, material and finish for spring and summer 2021.

Trends to look out for in short:

Factory – Nostalgia- Looking back to Artisan craft, imperfection in materials and finish.

Reverie – Romantic approach old style in a new way, Love and Lyricism.

Clarity – Clean and considered, Purity unpolluted colours and materials.

Alice – Immersive and Subversive, Escape from the real world into the dream world references to 60-70ies psychedelia

These images are example of Colour Hive Factory trend with products created of recycled waste, with imperfect finish.

Surface Design show 2020 placed bio-design surface, materials and solutions in the very centre surrounded by conventional materials made of wood, ceramic tiles and different imitation of natural materials with a few new creative products.

An inspirational example beyond imagination is London based Italian company MirroPlus. Demonstrating a thin lightweight mirror material, similar to the “liquid mirror” in the Movie Matrix.