The role of designer is changing

Today at Omuus I hold a role as a Creative director and country manager from London. I have a background from the corporate world, so working for a small agency is very different. One needs to be hands on in every level of design process.

Bio design

Bio Design or Synthetic biology, also called bio-engineering, is an expanding market. It is expected to exceed $13.4 billion by 2019. This field is increasingly relevant to designers and everyone working in the field of design today should at least be aware of what it is.

London design week 2018

This year’s focus of London design week was on materials and colors – more than ever before. Energy producing colors had been used in exhibition locations, to enhance the visitors and the exhibitioners experience.


‘The need of simplification in technology means that there is a demand for technology to be more filtering, distilling and abstracting. This would contribute to increased focus and efficiency through clarity.’


Throughout history men have been storytellers. We easily forget facts and figures but can retell stories once we have heard them once. We at Omuus are advocates to the power of storytelling as strong part of our design.


The tasks of a CMF designer begin from industry research to the creative process, strategic portfolio design, eventually to the execution and finally to design quality supervising. CMF designers need to be aware of the upcoming consumer and design trends, but also the new innovations in processes and materials. They need to be capable to supervise the production and application of the techniques. Understanding production processes enable creation of the most functional and beautiful product.


May 23, 2018 #aboutcmfOnce upon a time there was an unknown field of design called Colors, Materials and Finishes (CMF). Before 1990s CMF was not absent in consumer product or fashion design. The importance of colors and materials were not taken under consideration as...


May 16, 2018 Reduce the risk of market failures. Satisfy all your target consumers senses. Optimize your sales and avoid the amount of waste from unsold products.   In all its simplicity that is what colors, materials and finishes design is all about. CMF design...


May 03, 2018Milan Design Week is so much more than the Salon del Mobile furniture exhibition. We spent a lot of time walking in the city that is full of interesting pop-up events, showrooms and spots to see inspirational set ups along the fair. In this article we will...


We at Omuus have had an exciting winter. Our Shanghai office made a breakthrough on China market, with our two China Specialists Minna Qiang and Ruth Ng, along with Yone Lee! Thanks to these three, today OMUUS is a specialist agency also when it come to...


April 23, 2018 Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. -Vincent van Gogh View offer This is what collaboration between Omuus, Treon and Radientum is all about. Product development company Treon, antenna design company Radientum and design...


April 20, 2018 Image: Per Boicel, Chelsea Flower show. The word biophilia means love of living things and you’re about to start hearing a lot more of it. Nature design makes us feel good because people are born with the connection to nature. Biophilia is not a trend;...