Reduce the risk of market failures.

Satisfy all your target consumers senses.

Optimize your sales and avoid the amount of waste from unsold products.


In all its simplicity that is what colors, materials and finishes design is all about. CMF design is a familiar term in the design industry but otherwise relatively unknown part of design. This field of design is mainly used by trend orientated companies, but it is constantly evolving and searching its place in every company’s design process. Therefore, we want to spread the knowledge of the benefits of CMF design even more eagerly, so that we could enjoy better designed products and a healthier environment in the future.

Many brands are seeking competitiveness through CMF, to differentiate their products. Colors, materials and finishes are not just something to add after the design process is finished, it is more than differentiating products. It is learning how to experience design for senses. The special stimulation to senses is becoming even more important due the growing influence of digitalization, where the physical relation is often blurred.

The challenge of spreading the knowledge about CMF design is the lack of CMF designers. Even though companies would have interest in CMF design it is challenging to find suitable designers or agencies for the job. The lack of professionals in the industry is due the lack of education. Car and technology industry have been a pioneer of this field of design. In Asia they have understood the value of CMF design and they have become the driving force of the field.

This series of CMF articles will be your quick guide to the field quite unknown. This is our way to spread the word besides the dedication to our work.

Stay tuned for more #aboutcmf.