Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

-Vincent van Gogh

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This is what collaboration between Omuus, Treon and Radientum is all about.

Product development company Treon, antenna design company Radientum and design agency Omuus have a special relationship that makes a world of difference to our customers in the most demanding areas of product development for intelligent and connected devices. We have joined forces as partners to create more success stories. One of these stories could be yours!

In our new service package we brought together all the crucial disciplines of product development to guarantee your products´success on the market. With a single contact, you get access to a pool of world-class product development specialists who can take your ideas to the next level.

Here are what each one of us can bring to the table:

Heikki Kangasmaa, Omuus: In tight collaboration with our clients we make a new design vision to ease customers´ R&D decision making. It allows our customers to reduce the time to enter market with cost-efficient product design.

Jari Toivanen, Treon: Years of experience from mechanics and electronics allows us to get a quick understanding how your product idea can be brought to life. We can define how to make your idea doable for example in size-wise to reduce overall product development costs.

Jukka Sjöstedt, Radientum: Our extensive knowledge of antenna simulation methods enables execution of challenging antenna concepts, already in the product design phase. In the simulation environment we can quickly authenticate the impact of different materials and other components on the antenna performance. This is how we avoid making unnecessary prototypes and help our customers to have higher ROI.  


What makes this collaborative partnership special?

Heikki: Without one we can’t deliver the most competitive vision for our costumer. This is the most optimal situation for a client to have a desirable product concept in every aspect of product development.

Jari: We have delivered many products with Omuus and Radientum. Our similar background makes our collaboration seamless and we understand each other in every level of product development. Usually the best innovations are created when specialists from different industries work together.

Jukka: Optimal product design requires consideration in every division already from the early stage of product development. Together with Omuus and Treon we take all aspects of product development into consideration, and you can have a device with perfect industrial design together with optimal wireless performance.


If we got your interest, here you can find the full-service info and offer. We would love to help you with your next project!