Remember these mirrors by David Derksen? Some of his older works was The Flask Objects, that was done last year for the Dutch Design Week; reappropriations of the familiar thermos flask, that is found inside all common coffee flasks. Materials: Dewar flask, silicone rubber, light fitting and incandescent light bulb. Not to mention the color works is to die for.This inspiration via one of our most favorite interior magazines LivingEtc.
Muistatteko vielä nämä peilit David Derkseniltä? Poiminta David Derksen Designilta viime vuoden Dutch Design Week näyttelystä vanhojen termospullojen uudelleenkäyttöä, materiaaleina termospullon sisäosa, silikonimuovi, lampun kanta ja hehkulamppu. Inspiraation lähde LivingEtc.