Making wood wearable

Chinese startup Mobvoi with Google background had originally developed successful product named Ticwatch. Mobvoi design team introduced to Omuus launch promotion project to maximize the impact in multiple mediums in China. The smart watch was launched first in China and after that successful Kickstarter project in Europe. The smart watch itself is very simple modern design with circular screen, world’s highest screen to watch ratio with lifestyle driven variants. The price of the watch makes it truly mass market option.

There is massive interest in Asia to Scandinavian design, and Omuus chose and art directed the three Scandinavian artists to create excitement around the ways of wearing a watch.

Omuus connected with three artists to concept around different materials that were inspired of their scandinavian origin, use of different material combinations, details and manufacturing for the launch. We studied the market how to create unique and competitive solutions that would stand out in the different mediums and support the unique position of the smart watch. We chose to draw the inspiration from the Scandinavian origin materials such as wood and other natural materials and ancient craft techniques translated into modern manufacturing methods. Manipulating wood was specific interest of ours to be flexible through lasering technology which led to many different forms of wearability.

The outcome was a holistic collection of individual styles of wearables, executed in high quality. We collaborated closely with the artists to have the same standard of deliverable, to maximize the creativity working with the material technologies. Because of our background in consumer electronics we had the ability to think beyond craft, to make sure that the concepts could be transferred to manufacturing if the client chooses to. Part of the design team attended to the Beijing launch event where the collection was very visible. The concepts received lot of attention from the media and the designers were interviewed to many publications.