Designing mass market prestige

Premium as a trend, or more accurately masstige – mass market prestige – has been a trend for some time across markets and cross industries. Suunto as a brand is known for their premium sport instruments and Omuus partnered with Suunto to support new collection that needed to cater to both to the athletes and to the lifestyle driven users, to be credible in the different channels.

As a CMF specialist consultancy we are driven by the research: what is the market situation, what makes the product proposition competitive, what does the consumer desire and how do we translate all the above information into tangible assets in the product development to support the brand image and eventually – the sales. One important part of our expertise is to make sure the brands we design to are seen as market leader instead of a follower. The timing was essential in the project to make sure that Suunto watches and the brand get the attention and desire from the markets. Metal with the beautiful rose gold and copper hues is really the true epitome of the masstige trend. For about a decade the rose gold and copper hues have started to appear in various product categories, adopted from the jewelry industry. The more people see these hues, the more there is craving for those. According to research by Tencent in China more than 84% female will buy rose gold iPhone 6s, followed by champagne gold.

Omuus Suunto CMF strategy was to create a bold brand statements with the colors and to provide choice. To make sure the new product lauch variants will be desired and adopted by the Asian and other markets, we created various design proposals with how to utilize the copper in the product design to stand out from the competition and to generate sales.

With the copper watch variant Suunto were able to have a visibility both in the digital space and also in the shelf visibility that maximize the impact. Copper color is a bold statement visible from a distance, that draw the attention and invite to touch and eventually fall in love.