Nordic Design Heritage

Omuus was founded 2011, but our history working together goes long way. Our team heritage comes from Nokia and Microsoft, working with design and product creation in various roles. Our culture, values and ways of working comes from one of the worlds most loved brand. We are very proud of that heritage, and that makes Omuus design experience today.

The experience of working for a global company with the latest technology advancements, creating many of the industry first technologies, we have created our ways of working. We believe in open communication, empowering results, doing something you love and tailoring products for people’s passion and delivering fast time to market solutions.




We are all together 15 specialists in four countries; Finland, UK, France and China. We work with pool of great freelancers so that we can offer scalability depending on the client needs. Our experts are all seniors, we don’t have junior level to keep the deliverable quality high. Our way of working is multidisciplinary. We seek the best combination of disciplines for each work, ranging from material engineering, software, industrial or CMF design, user interface and user experience specialist, sound experts, haptics specialist, prototyping, manufacturing, mechanics and so on. All our experts have 10-20 years experience in the industry.




Scandinavian trend has been around for some time, and isn’t likely to disappear soon. We are global team, but all of us are with level of Finnishness in us. Scandinavian for us means understanding the full sensorial aspect of designing with light, colors, forms, materials and finishes – designing for all the senses. The light in Scandinavia is quite special – in the north of Finland, Lappi, the sun sets and will rise again after months. As you know, without light there is no color. Color is the only visible radiation wavelength to human eye. Our appreciation of colors of snow, and the colors of each season is therefore even more important. One of our expert is dedicated to the Applied Psychology of Color just for the reason to understand the atmosphere, the emotional impact and the deeper science in the to design perfect products.