Smart home assistant design

Turkish Arcelik is the worlds 5th largest white goods manufacturer under the Koc holding company. The most known brands are Beko, Grundig, Blomberg, Arctic and Flavel. Arcelik has great social responsibility and is very respected by the community. Omuus was introduced to Arcelik by Team Finland Turkey at the Turkey Innovation Week in Adana. Ever since we at Omuus have had utmost respect to our collaboration with Arcelik.

­Omuus was given a brief to research the IOT design to analyze the data into concepting project for Arcelik Smart Home Assistant. The market had only two products at the time: Amazon Hub and Google OnHub, and Google released their second product Google Home after our Arcelik concepting was completed. The Arcelik Smart Home Assistant was first to be launched in Turkey and later global product under the brand Beko. From the research we found out several topics that were the design drivers: the user can be from various age groups and both genders, so the user experience needs to be adaptable by various users and easy to be understand. Because of the large potential user group, the product design needs to be minimalistic to be adopted by different styles. Minimalism can be translated in different markets and in this case we wanted to make sure the design is highly aspirational to firstly to Turkish consumer but can stretch to cater to other markets too. Thirdly the acoustic design was in the forefront, and we spent time studying materials and shapes from the acoustic perspective.

Our team created various concepts with the premium, aspirational product language with pre manufacturability. Out of these one was selected that was favored by Arcelik steering group. We emphasized the product high perceived value so that it would be desirable, and emotionally appealing. The Arcelik Smart Home Assistant was introduced in Turkey Innovation Week in Istanbul November 8th-10th 2016, with Omuus being represented in the event.

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